Functions and Responsibilities of Department of Health of Guangdong Province

[Address] South Road, Guangzhou City martyrs on the 17th Provincial Health Office of the compound buildings

[Postalcode] 510060

[Tel] 020-83828646

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[Main Function]

  1. To carry out the national health guidelines and policies, defining the strategic goals, formulating policies, laws and regulations for regional health developments, and put them in effect.
  2. To make and implement regional health plans, directing rational distribution of health resources.
  3. To work out programs, standards and policies for rural health, community health and health education, directing implementation of provincial primary health care program.
  4. To work out programs, standards and policies for maternal and child health care (including maternal and infant health care), put into force qualification management system for special techniques of maternal and infant health care, managing overall improvement of the quality of newborn population.
  5. To promote the rural health care system, drafting rules and regulations and policies concerning rural cooperative medical service system, organizing and directing the rural cooperative medical services and establish the new rural cooperative medical services system.
  6. To make plans for prevention and treatment of major diseases, carrying out the overall control over major diseases.
  7. To explore policies for the reform of medical care providers, making and implementing plans on placement of medical facilities, defining moralities for health professionals, carrying out the accreditation and qualification management system for medical facilities and health workers, assuring quality of medical services and help manage the prices of medical services and practices.
  8. To make plans for medical research and education, organizing the key medical scientific research program, promoting the application of the medical research achievements and assuring accreditation and qualification management of health techniques.
  9. To supervise blood supply and collection of the blood stations and plasma-supplying blood stations according to the law and assure the quality of clinical blood use, coordinating the voluntary blood donation in the province.
  10. To make program for health human resources development, organize and provide guidance for accrediting qualified health professionals and assessing and approving their academic titles, defining organizational structures of health facilities.
  11. To supervise measures to prevent and treat infectious diseases and occupational diseases, managing food hygiene, occupational, environmental and radioactive hazards and school health in accordance with laws, implement regulations of food quality assurance and accreditation.
  12. To organize by law the health emergency response to public health emergencies, anti-terrorism, nuclear power plants, nuclear radiation and other major accidental events, mobilize and coordinate the provincial health resources to rescue and treat those wounded and sickened in the public health emergencies and natural disasters, preventing outbreaks and containing the spread of outbreaks, to train public health staff and professionals for medical rescue efforts, guiding authorities at local levels to carry out preparedness plans for public health emergencies and directing the rescue efforts in response to other often-occurred emergencies.
  13. To put equal emphasis on the western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), promoting legacy and innovation of the TCM, and facilitating the modernization of TCM
  14. To organize the health exchange and cooperation with foreign countries, Hong Kong and Macao, sending medical team to African countries.
  15. To do the daily routines of the provincial Patriotic Health Campaign Committee.
  16. To manage the health care for the eligible high-rank officials designated by the Provincial Party Committee, and health care services provided to related government employees of government agencies according to rules and regulations.
  17. To manage the provincial Administrative Bureau of TCM as required by the provincial People’s Government
  18. To fulfill other tasks assigned by the provincial People’s Government and the Ministry of Health of China.

[Internal organizational structures]

· General Office (external exchange office) 
· Division of Planning and Finance 
· Division of Medical Administration 
· Office of Rural Cooperative Medical Management 
· Division of Health Law Enforcement and Supervision 
· Division of Diseases Control 
· Division of Community Health and Maternal and Child Health Care 
· Division of Medical Science, Technology and Education 
· Division of Human Resources 
· Committee of the Communist Party 
· Office of Discipline Supervision and Inspection 
· Office of Health Emergency Response 
· The Administrative Bureau of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) 
· Division of Health Policy and Regulations 
· Office of Health Care Committee of provincial Committee of Communist Party